History, Tradition & Family 

Better People make better paper products.

When you think of history, tradition and family, one company in the northeast embodies these terms above all others—Delta Paper. Established in 1972, Delta Paper one of the largest converters of industrial and food service packaging papers in North America.

With over four decades of experience, we have dedicated ourselves to having a proven track record of consistent quality and customer service. We do this because we care about the quality of work we deliver, and our reputation in this regard speaks for itself.

A Family Business


Bill Bregman

Delta Paper was founded by Sidney Bregman and Bill Bregman in 1972. Delta Paper’s goal was to add value to the actual people using our products by slitting, sheeting, cutting, and printing them to the customer’s specific needs. Our business and machinery has evolved over the years, but the importance of getting the customer what they want when they want it has remained one of the most important things. Bill Bregman was able to navigate both good and bad times by following his number one rule: A deal is a deal. He believed that if you made a deal with someone, you honor it no matter what. Although this principle is quite simple in theory, because of his actions he has built an absolutely stellar reputation and unwavering loyalty from our associates, suppliers, and customers. Over the years, Bill was able to build the business steadily by continually adding new customers, new equipment, new capabilities, and building a winning team. He did this while maintaining the highest level of integrity.


Jeff Bregman

In 1991, Jeff Bregman joined the company when he returned back to Philly from THE Ohio State University. While growing up in the business and having worked every job in the factory and office, he literally hit the ground running. He committed himself to learning the ins and outs of the entire paper converting and packaging industry. In the mid 1990’s, Jeff was a one man sales team, writing Delta Paper’s entire book of business. In 1998, Jeff left Delta Paper to start a new business and developed a paper void fill system (FASTStuff Paper Packaging System by FASTTrack Systems). Today, the high speed paper void fill market that he helped pioneer is a growing billion dollar plus industry. After selling FASTTrack in April of 2001, Jeff returned to Delta Paper as President & COO. When he returned he saw the need for the company to invest heavily in automation and efficiency. He also led the move to a more modern, productive, and safer facility. Jeff is now the President and CEO, and runs the company. On any given day, Jeff still jumps on the phone to buy paper or talk to customers. The pursuit of the next new thing fuels him.

Brett Bregman

In 2002, Brett Bregman joined the business. Brett started by working on the slitters to eventually scheduling their production, something that he still has an affinity for to this day. Writing up production work orders, setting the schedule, and handling the company’s logistics were a great way for Brett to learn the business. Eventually, made his way over to the inside sales desk. Once he got comfortable handling incoming quotes and talking to customers on the phone, Brett began to go out and see customers. He eventually spent most of his time out on the road selling. Under Jeff’s stewardship Brett was able to learn, grow, and develop into a key member of the team. Brett is currently the Vice President and works directly with Jeff on the day-to-day operation of the business, handling key accounts. Jeff and Brett are hands-on owner operators that are very involved in all key aspects of the business.

In 2016 Bill and Jeff transitioned ownership of the company to Jeff and Brett. They are committed to growing the company into a world-class organization. The two of them are very passionate about the business and are 100% committed to maintaining the very high moral and ethical standards that Bill established during his time with the company. Bill still comes into Delta Paper regularly to offer his thoughts and mentor our younger team members. He also makes sure that everyone still knows that a “A deal is a deal.” Jeff and Brett are very fortunate to still have him around the office for his tremendous experience and council.



The Delta Paper Corporation (DPC) is a growing sustainable company in a vital industry—environmentally responsible packaging products. Our growth in sales, products, and capacity has been strong and consistent since our inception in August of 1972. We are a company made up of people committed to customer service and supplying quality products at competitive prices. Delta Paper is sustainable packaging that performs well and costs less. We do our best to act responsibly towards the environment. We neither take in, nor discharge, water or air in our processes. We recycle as much of our own waste as possible. At Delta Paper, we only partner with paper mill suppliers that practice aggressive reforestation and/or true recycling.

Always Improving

Delta Paper is a unique in that we have improved the system of supplying both sheets and rolls, delivered on a regular basis, to our growing list of customers. This system reduces maintaining and dispensing of inventory, and of course, decreases cash tied up due to inventory stockpiling.

Our culture is progressive. We have been practicing TQM in all of our activities for over seventeen years, and JIT for more than eight. All of our associates receive over 40 hours per year in training.

DPC has implemented MRPII in our manufacturing operations. We are customer-oriented in our progress, developing capability for EDI and bar coding at their request. We also donate product to local schools and churches. Over the years Delta Paper has established many long term and respected relationships with both suppliers and customers. Simply phrased, this allows us to assure our customers on time delivery, consistent quality, competitive pricing and the right products for their packaging applications. DPC sells only through distribution and redistribution. Delta Paper does not sell direct to end-users.

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