Food Service Papers

From Sandwich Paper to steak Paper, and everything in between

Delta Paper provides a wide variety of packaging papers that are used in the foodservice and restaurant industries. Our food service papers are FDA approved for direct and indirect contact with food products. Our food service papers offer a variety of applications such as wrapping, displaying, lining, protecting, covering, decorating, and many more. We are proud to offer an extensive line of hot & cold sandwich wrapping papers used it in some of the countries top deli and food service companies. Whether you are wrapping meat or seafood or just want to save on your restaurant table linens expenses, our butcher paper line is designed to address presentation, sanitation and protection against any food products you may have.

      From sandwiches to steaks, and everything in between, food of all forms needs to be packaged properly to preserve freshness and ensure safe handling. Whether you are wrapping, displaying, or protecting any food product’s, our paper ensures that your products will remain fresh and or enhance any products in today’s food service industry,We offer a variety of products that are offered in counter rolls to cut sheets.

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Grades of Paper

End Use Applications

  • wrapping
  • preserving
  • displaying
  • liner
  • protecting

  • baking 
  • basket liners 
  • freezing
  • grab & go 
  • placemate’s

  • BBBQ
  • interleaving 
  • Table lining
  • Sandwich wrapping