Present Your Steaks & Meats In Style

The primary appeal of these sheets is the attractive appearance of red meat when viewed on a peach colored wrap, and its significantly improved water and blood holdout, as a result of the additives used in paper-making. It is also believed that the water-repellent additives keep meat from turning brown and provide superior blood and moisture holdout. There are many ways to seal a package made of these papers.

The primary markets for Peach Butcher Paper are in food service applications. They are often called “steak wrap”, as they are widely used as a meat wrapper and interleave. The material is FDA approved for direct food contact.

Standard Basis Weights Available:


Product Availability:

Sheets6” x 30”8” x 30”9” x 30”10” x 30”12” x 30”12” x 24”
 8” x 15”9” x 12”10” x 14”   


  • Other sizes available upon request.
  • All rolls will be individually shrink-wrapped.
  • Sheets are available bulk packed on skids, packed in Kraft wrapped bundles, or boxed.
  • Rolls can also be individually boxed upon request.

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