Anti-Slip Kraft Paper

Anti-Slip Kraft Paper

The smart and cost saving use when handling any product on a pallet

      Anti-Slip Kraft Paper, also called Anti-Skid Paper, is preferred in many applications due to its high coefficient of friction. It also has very high tear resistance and burst strength. For these reasons, many companies are using this product to provide greater stability when handling pallets, and also to reduce product damage caused by product slipping off of pallets. Our Anti-Slip Kraft paper is 100% recyclable.

      This grade of paper offers a much better yield and level of consistency versus other products such as Chipboard or Gypsum Board. It is most commonly used as a pallet liner or tie sheet to stabilize products packed on a pallet. This product can be used manually or with automatic placement or pick-up systems (vacuum pick-up). The Anti-Slip properties can increase pallet angles by 15º to 25º, depending on the application and type of product being stacked. Unlike many alumina and silica nonskid treatments, our Anti-Slip treatment is durable and remains effective for extended periods, therefore the sheets are reusable. Anti-Slip Kraft Paper is non-toxic and does not create dust. It also withstands temperatures from -4ºF to +158ºF.

Standard Basis Weights Available:


Product Availability:

Sheets37” x 45”40” x 48”


  • Sheets are bulk packed on skids.
  • Rolls and other sizes available upon request.

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