Black Kraft

The Picture Framing Industry Standard​

Black Kraft Paper is heavily used in the picture framing industry as a backing for picture frames and or a back drop within the picture frame. Black Kraft gives a clean professional look making it the most popular product for the framing market industry. 

      Black Kraft is also used for table coverings, banners, bulletin boards, and wrapping. Black Kraft not only gives a professional look, but it also provides smooth surface texture adding to its glossy look. 

Basis weights offered:

  • 50#

Roll Sizes offered:

  • 24″ 
  • 30″
  • 36″
  • 48″

Sheet sizes offered:

  • n/A For this product

Basis weights offered:

  • Custom printing Is Not available for this grade
  • rolls are individually shrink wrapped 
  • custom sizes available upon request