Delta Dunnage

Cost effective packaging void fill and stuffing

Delta Dunnage is made from the ends of production rolls that are too small for finished products. We cut them on a saw to get uniform widths. They are sold by weight for about 1/3 of the price of standard finished products. All are recyclable and degradable. Most contain at least some recycled fiber. They are available in pallets of one or 2 tiers. The number of rolls per tier varies from approximately 35 to 55. 2 tiers save shipping and packaging costs. Colors can be brown, gray, white, black, peach, green, red, or other. Random widths are available at an even lower price. Because these are a byproduct of production, we offer this item subject to availability. Because of variations in size and paper type these are sold by the pound. Shipping is FOB Burlington, NJ (08016).

Standard Basis Weights Available:

Weight From 30# to 70#

Product Availability:

It’s the least expensive because you will
receive a variety of roll widths and basis weights when ordering.
Widths Available:
From 12” to 36”
It’s more expensive than our Flex
Grade and gives you the ability to specify the
roll width(s) you would like to order.
Widths Available:
18”, 20”, 24”, 30# and 36”


  • Call for pricing.

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