Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled Kraft Paper

An Environmentally Friendly Paper With A Variety Of Uses

      Even more environmentally-friendly than Natural or Virgin Kraft, this paper is available at a lower price per pound. Recycled Kraft provides less tear and bursting strength and will break down more easily when exposed to friction or moisture, when compared to Natural Kraft. It is more economical and offers many beneficial qualities.

      Sensitivity to the environment on the part of more and more people makes them willing to try this grade of paper. It has successfully been used as newspaper bottom wrap, garment underlay paper, textile wrappers, interleaver, internal carton packaging, void filler or dunnage, dust covers, floor protection liners, carrier sheet, paint masking and box/tray liners. Other uses include bundling and stuffing.

Standard Basis Weights Available:



Product Availability:

Sheets15” x 20”18” x 24”20” x 30”24” x 36”36” x 36”40” x 48”


  • Other sizes available upon request.
  • All rolls will be individually shrink-wrapped.
  • Sheets are available bulk packed on skids or packed in Kraft wrapped bundles.

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