Reinforced Non-Asphaltic Kraft Paper (40/10/40)

Strong multi-use industrial paper used for protection

  Reinforced Non-Asphaltic Kraft Paper is used as a general purpose, heavy duty Industrial paper for wrapping, liners, and other water and oil resistant barrier applications. In the building industry it is used as a protective floor covering during construction to protect carpeting, tile, marble, wood, and other floor surfaces. It is non-staining, reinforced with tri-directional fiberglass scrim, and offers an excellent protective covering during construction.

Basis Weights Offered:

  • #40/10/40

Roll Sizes Offered

  • 36″
  • 48″
  • 60″
  • 72″

Sheet Sizes Offered:

  • n/a


  • grade is not available for custom printing 
  • standard linear footage is 300′ & 600′
  • other sizes available upon request