Doing our part to be responsible

      Sustainability and environmental responsibility have become important issues lately in the corporate and consumer consciousness, especially the packaging industry. Many companies have actively begun to change their practices to incorporate ‘green’ measures and products. While this is certainly commendable, Delta Paper has been serious about environmental responsibility since 1972.

      Our slogan, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle reminds us daily of the constant effort we make to reduce our carbon footprint. Delta Paper is committed to continuing our sustainability efforts and to furthering our existing practices and product lines. We understand that there is no finish line, but we are proud of these recent advancements:

  • 92% of production paper waste is recycled (our goal – 100%)
  • 79.4% of office paper waste is recycled (our goal – 100%)
  • Our green plastic roll plugs are 100% recycled and are recyclable with plastic soda bottles
  • We purchase only recycled cut-size and sanitary papers
  • We now offer soy based inks
  • We are constantly seeking out the latest in production technologies to reduce emissions and waste
  • Employee education on sustainable practices in the workplace

      We welcome any and all suggestions and requests from distributors, customers, partners, and business acquaintances concerning our sustainable practices—and how we can make improvements together. We value your input and appreciate your efforts to help us do our part to leave the environment a healthy and safe place for generations to come.